Miraculous Healing A little girl was miraculously healed by the Lord. After a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) meeting in the village, we were informed that one of the members’ children was ill. This little girl had been sick for four months with typhoid fever and had a perforated bowel. She even had her stool on … Read more

Audio Scripture Sets Early this year we had a 2-day session with some of our church planters in North Cameroon on orality principles through storytelling. The exercise was to end with the distribution of SD Cards containing audio Bibles. We initially assumed that focusing on the smartest of our church planters would make the work … Read more

David Broodryk planted a church in South Africa in 2004. Over the next seven years, the church grew to about 100 members, but David realized that the church he planted wasn’t advancing the kingdom the way that he thought it should. He began to transition away from traditional ministry to a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) … Read more

I was praying one day at a public campsite in the forest. It was near a place where elephants sometimes come and feed. Suddenly, the spiritual atmosphere around me seemed to change. A kind of shadow was there, and a presence—I can’t describe it any better than that. In one sense, I was afraid, but … Read more

For three months, Arun had been trying to enter an unengaged village. After visiting three or four times, he realized that an evil spirit was continually disturbing them. There was a young lady who had a spirit for three years. This was creating a disturbance in her home and also within the village. The parents … Read more

My name is Charles. I am a follower of Jesus. I had the privilege of playing soccer professionally in Morocco, Tunisia, and Ukraine in 2016 and 2017. My city isn’t just the capital of the state I live in, but historically it’s been a major center of commerce and Islam that has attracted Quranic scholars … Read more

Language Barriers in India Before 2021, we used the Hindi language among a certain people group in the mountains of northern India. While Hindi is the official language of India, in reality, it is just one of 121 languages and 270 mother tongues and is not spoken universally throughout the country. This people group would … Read more

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Prayer is the Foundation I was trained as a DMM leader to go to a new location in West Africa and conduct a prayer walk in the village. While we prayed, we were encouraged to also research the needs of that community. As we identified those needs, we sought the Lord about how to answer … Read more

God Uses Unlikely Leaders At New Generations, we often talk about the “unlikely leaders” God chooses to use for building His Kingdom. What’s amazing is, this isn’t new. God used unlikely leaders all throughout Scripture. Moses was an unlikely spiritual leader of the people of Israel. He couldn’t give an eloquent speech on his own. … Read more

Hiba* followed a different religion, but she knew nothing about her beliefs. She was married and raised children, and then steadily, God began to draw her toward Him with a hunger for (what she would discover is) His love. When one disciple-maker from her neighborhood told her about the love of God and the Lord … Read more