In East Africa, there has been a significant decline in tribal warfare as a result of the DMM process. Of particular note is a people group in the Northwestern region, infamous for their cultural heritage of celebrating the killing of any man from another tribe. In 2013 a DMM training was held in the capital … Read more

They doubted her ability to plant churches. She was, after all, illiterate. Wouldn’t that hinder her? Wouldn’t she fall short of her goal to catalyze church movement? As endearing as it was to see her spirit and passion for this, her pastor advised her to rethink this and pray about the decision. As an ordinary … Read more

One of our new DMM leaders resides in Naya (a pseudonym) town and is a parish chief – her name is Abigail (a pseudonym). Abigail writes, “There was death in my home. I’m married to a Muslim man and was raised in a Muslim family. During this COVID-19 season, I was going through a difficult … Read more

When Pastor David was invited to conduct DMM training to a group of pastors found in a particular district, he did not expect much to happen because the people of the district are nominally Christian, and the existing churches had various forms of strong church traditions. Pastor David saw little hope that the pastors of … Read more

In a small village of “least-reached” Muslims, two church planters made their way to find a person of peace. Even though this area was known to be hostile to those coming with the Gospel, the two ladies courageously continued, knowing God had led them to this place. Upon arriving, the church planters were met with … Read more

Jerome is a general contractor and disciple maker. He won a bid to construct a training center. As was his custom, each morning he gathers his team of workers to do Discovery Bible Study before they start the day’s work. One day he was approached by a Muslim young man by the name of Jemal … Read more

Paul’s letter to Philemon is not a doctrinal treatise, it is a personal note between friends about a sensitive issue – restoring Onesimus. In this informal discourse, Paul naturally refers to a multitude of roles that mark followers of Jesus. Let’s read and find in bold what many of these roles are within this passage: … Read more

A man named Peter gave DMM training to a group of pastors in mid-2015. From those who took the DMM training, one pastor by the name of Phillip came to him and expressed his doubts about DMM working among existing churches because established churches have a hard time changing. Peter did not argue with Phillip … Read more

2 Timothy 3:16  “All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”   We all agree – God’s Word is critical in our mission of seeing His Kingdom advanced. God is the best teacher, and His inspired Word is our most effective … Read more

Jack, a leader of a movement that has planted 63 churches in two years among one least-reached people group in East Africa, was conducting baptism for new Christ followers from that people group one day. Meanwhile, John, who was not a follower of Christ, was watching from a distance as the baptisms took place. John, … Read more