From Missionary Graveyard to Gospel Movement

Discover how God is using a man named Lazare — and something called Disciple Making Movements — to spread the Gospel like wildfire!

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The Malinke are one of the largest and most difficult to reach people groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Over 50 years of traditional missionary work had resulted in just 7 scattered believers — with only 1 remaining among the Malinke. 

The Malinke region was known as a missionary graveyard, a place where hopes of spreading the Gospel seemed destined to die. 

But one man dared to believe that life could spring from this desolate ground. 

Meet Lazare, whose faith and perseverance transformed a barren mission field into a flourishing Gospel movement.

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Lazare’s Breakthrough

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Lazare was trained and sent to the Malinke with a mission: to breathe life into this missionary graveyard through the principles of Disciple Making Movements (DMM). 

Initially, there were no new disciples or churches, and it seemed like history would repeat itself. But Lazare’s courage and commitment to DMM led to an incredible breakthrough. 

Within months, new disciples were being made and new churches began to form. By the end of the year, these churches were planting new ones, leading to a cascade of faith and discipleship. 

Today, Lazare has reproduced disciples to the seventh generation, as shown in the photo below!

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The Power of DMM

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DMM empowers ordinary people to make disciples within their natural networks. This approach creates exponential growth, turning spiritual deserts into lush fields of faith. 

DMM has proven effective across diverse cultural settings, taking the life-giving message of the Gospel to those who need it most. 

By focusing on multiplication, DMM ensures that movements lead to other movements and on and on it goes!

You can pour fuel on DMM — and ignite more movements for Christ!

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Are you ready to help take life to places that need it most? Your involvement will help launch more movements to fulfill the Great Commission!

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