Join us in standing with those who are hungry!

Give $12 to feed a family for a day.

Give $84 to feed a family for a week.

Give $360 to feed a family for a month.

Extensive Drought – Extreme Hunger

Once again, the people of Northern Kenya are experiencing chronic hunger due to a severe drought.

Recurring droughts make it difficult for farmers and herders to produce crops and feed livestock. Children are affected the most. New Generation’s staff in the region say tens of thousands of children in Northern Kenya are at risk as they struggle to get enough to eat. If they survive, their future could be drastically impacted.

This crisis not only creates large‐scale suffering, but it also has an impact on what has been an amazing movement of God. East Africa is a region where we’ve seen 18,493 churches planted since 2005, some to the 11th generation among the 50 Disciple Making Movements!

When these droughts happen, people begin moving away from their homes in order to find food and water to survive. This changes the fabric of community life and breaks down the church planting momentum that has already taken place. People end up in famine camps or migrate to new areas in the hopes of survival.

We want to serve those in need, feed the hungry, and help families stay together. This not only saves lives, but it also maintains the church planting momentum in the region. Please join us in showing tangible compassion to those in need during this tragic and prolonged season of drought.


Save Lives – In this life and death situation, the love of God demands a response with emergency food, water and restocking animals.

Preserve church planting momentum – The affected communities need both humanitarian help and spiritual strength in this time of crisis. Providing the emergency supplies in the communities where our churches are planted will enable families to survive and church groups to stay together and continue to multiply.

Lay the foundation for future church planting – Providing care in times of crisis lays the foundation for future relationships. And these relationships can open doors to bring the gospel to communities where the church planters so far have not been welcome and the gospel has not been wanted. Through your support of New Generations, we can empower churches to become a life-saving team for others who are displaced and needy.

Join us in standing with those who are hungry!

  • Give $12 to feed a family for a day.
  • Give $84 to feed a family for a week.
  • Give $360 to feed a family for a month.

100% of your gift goes directly to famine relief on the ground. All the distribution of resources happens through local leaders who understand the situation as well as the culture, context, and language.

How God has moved in the past and our hope for the future

Unfortunately, drought and famine are common in East Africa. In fact, in 2011, New Generations and our partners provided similar resources of food, water, and medical aid for 20,000 people. During this same initiative, we also saw God raise up 4500 new believers in 600 new churches that reproduced to the fifth generation! We remain convinced that God can do something similar through our current giving initiative.

This project will have incredible outcomes for the Kingdom of God!

  1. Life-saving resources will be provided to families identified as most affected by the drought within our church planting sites in Northern Kenya.
  2. When people do not have to wander looking for food and water, the communities will be stabilized and the momentum of our current church planting will continue.
  3. Those who do not know Jesus will see that the Good News is something that you can feel as well as hear. This will open up wonderful new opportunities.
  4. There will be a clear contrast between the warm love of God and the cold indifference of Islam that turns away from hurting people.
  5. New believers will learn that loving their neighbor is a fundamental part of following Jesus.

Invest in the Cause

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