Key Characteristics

What Makes New Generations Unique

Key Characterisitics

Many of these attributes we share with others obeying the
Great Commission, but this combination makes us unique.

During a gathering of movement leaders in Nairobi, Kenya in the fall of 2022, Harry Brown was asked to share what makes New Generations unique. Many of these attributes we share with others obeying the Great Commission, but this combination makes us unique. Below is a video of that presentation. In this video, Harry Brown, President of New Generations unpacks the list that is provided below.

  • 100k+ dedicated movement intercessors directly connected to us
  • Only using a Discovery Focused, Obedience Based, Reproductive System we call DMM as our ministry model
  • A global vision to see DMMs in every segment of the world’s population
  • Current DMM Engagements in People Groups, Affinity Groups, Urban & Population Segments
  • A Family of Autonomous Organizations that choose to work together as one Global Team
  • Priority on the “Pioneer Places” where the gospel has never been or never flourished.
  • 100% local leadership on the field
  • Ordinary people as the primary workforce to complete the Great Commission
  • Our primary role is Catalyst and Coach
  • The Gospel coming through friends & family not strangers
  • Focus on Replication not just Multiplication
  • A Gospel free of foreign culture
  • Integration of Compassion & Church Planting
  • A predictable course for every engagement to become a 7-generation movement
  • All partners expected to replicate
  • Leadership development replicated through all generations
  • Church planting integrated with disaster response
  • Evaluation of quality not just the measurement of quantity
  • A very low-cost structure – $500 per Church (18-year average)
  • “Open-handed” – We give away what we have

Key Characteristics

In the weeks after this presentation was given, the team at New Generations helped refine the list above into the following Key Characteristics. The refined list is also what is now available in this booklet that describes our ministry.

Our Focus

  • Vision for DMMs in every segment of the world’s population
  • Currently engaging a broad and diverse array of population segments
  • Priority on places where the gospel has never flourished

Our Results

  • A proven path from pioneer engagement to seven-generation movement
  • The average financial cost to plant a church: $500 US dollars
  • Evaluation of disciple-making quality, not just quantity, to the nth generation

Our Model

  • One model—discovery-focused, obedience-based, and reproductive
  • The most foreign culture–free gospel possible
  • The gospel comes through friends and family, not strangers
  • Self-replicating disciple-making process passed on with the gospel
  • Compassion ministry and disaster relief are integral to church planting—and vice versa

Our Workforce

  • Ordinary people as the primary workers in the harvest
  • Local leadership by 100 percent local people
  • Leadership development at every generation of disciples and churches
  • Central leadership that catalyzes and coaches, doesn’t direct
  • 100,000 dedicated intercessors

Our Partnerships

  • A family of autonomous organizations in one global team
  • All ministry partners expected to reproduce with the same self-replicating process
  • Giving everything we learn to the global mission force, no strings attached