Crisis In Africa

Save 2,500 families with us!

When hurting people receive help from someone they don’t know, they want to know why.

Our team is facing an unprecedented crisis because of two disasters hitting at the same time. The first is the worst drought/famine in 40 years in East Africa. The second is a long, drawn-out civil war (2.5 years) that is tearing apart the Horn of Africa. Either of these situations by themselves would be overwhelming but together, the devastation is unimaginable! 

This “Perfect Storm” of drought/famine along with civil war affects ten million people. There have already been 500,000 people who have died, along with 3.5 million cattle. For drought victims, there is a very real possibility of starvation, while others flee the insanity of a civil war, trading the risk of being killed in conflict for the possibility of a slow death without food or water. God’s heart is broken by this suffering, and so is ours.  

We can’t help everyone, but God has put it in our hearts to answer the cry for help by providing life-saving support for 2500 families. $200 will provide food for 30 days, so our overall goal is $500,000. But saving lives is not the end of the story. We are asking God to turn this crisis into an opportunity to save souls!

Help Us Meet this Incredible Need!

When hurting people receive help from someone they don’t know, they want to know why. This opens the door to launch the Disciple Making Movement process. Our experience over the last 18 years has been that every time we respond to a crisis, there has been a significant advance for the Kingdom. We believe this time will be the same and that in 12 months, we will see 500 new churches with 5,000 new disciples. 

Both lives and souls will be saved as God’s people show they care!

#1: Pray

  • Please pray for the families facing violence, looting, and starvation. In the name of Jesus, ask for peace and provision.
  • Please pray for spiritual opportunities. In the name of Jesus, pray that God would make a way for the Gospel to penetrate each community.
  • Please pray for God’s protection over our ministry partners. In the name of Jesus, bless these men and women who courageously overcome evil with good.

#2: Give

  • $200 feeds a family for one month!

#3: Spread the word

  • We’re looking to rally 5,000 givers as the urgent need escalates day by day.
  • How many friends can you get to join you in this mission?
  • Copy and share this website to your social media to invite your friends to join you in making a difference!


$200 helps feed a family for one month. You can also buy one or more of the items below.

  • 50kg of their local grain $100
  • 20kg Bag of Wheat Flour $20
  • 10kg Bag of Rice $10
  • 5kg of Sugar $5
  • 5 Liters of Cooking Oil $5
  • 5 Liters of Liquid Soap $5
  • 5 Liters of Sanitizer $15
  • 10 Masks $10


Our goal is to serve 2,500 families who have been most devastated by this crisis!

The need has grown to become more and more urgent.

We have leaders living in the region who are praying for God’s provision during this tragedy and ready to step in to help those in desperate need.


When you give today, you’re not only providing help for hurting people, you’re opening the door for the Good News to go where it has never been. Your gift today can have an eternal impact. Thank you for partnering with us.

This project will have incredible outcomes for the Kingdom of God!

  1. Those who do not know Jesus will see that the Good News is something that you can feel as well as hear. This will open up wonderful new opportunities.
  2. There will be a clear contrast between the warm love of God and the cold indifference of Islam that turns away from hurting people.
  3. New believers will learn that loving their neighbors is a fundamental part of following Jesus.

Our Commitment

At New Generations, honoring a donor’s intent is a high value. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, circumstances change, or local conditions prevent program implementation, New Generations will redirect funds to a similar need, to reflect the donor’s intent, as much as possible.

Invest in the Cause

Help serve 2,500 families devastated by the recent crisis!