“Apart from me, you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Every Movement Starts with Prayer

 “What does it look like to live out the reality that apart from God you can do nothing? Are you involving Him and engaging Him in everything you do, with the kind of intensity and emphasis that says you actually believe Him? 

-Harry Brown, President, New Generations

Prayer is at the foundation of everything we do. We are deeply aware of the reality of what Jesus said in John 15:5, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” With that in mind, we put significant staff, time, and resources into mobilizing and training intercessors. To date, our intercession base comprises well over 100,000 dedicated prayer warriors. But as our ministry expands, so must our foundation in prayer. Will you join us in praying?

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If you’d like to put prayer into practice in a very tangible way, you can join our community of “Movement Prayer Hubs.” Join a group near you or start a Movement Prayer Hub in your very own city! There are various options to make this a weekly rhythm within a community of disciple makers.


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