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Planting sustainable new generations of Christ followers

Sustainability, in Disciple Making Movements, refers to the capacity of local people and leaders to launch, take responsibility for, resource, lead, and multiply their own initiatives.

When we speak of sustainability we’re talking about the survival and success of disciple making and church planting movements. Addressing the issue, not only broadens perspective of a local leader, but it also increases their capacity to mobilize resources, launch new projects, and pioneer spiritual, social, physical, and economic opportunities for local communities.

These two videos describe the sustainability journey experienced by David Broodryk and his team. That journey required creatively meeting needs in the local communities and creating incomes streams to support them.


How do we sustain support for remarkable frontline achievement? A leader in Southern Africa was so successful at planting churches that funding the movement became an issue. This video describes the barrier encountered when the movement reached 100 churches. But when the movement reached 300 churches another barrier made it clear that somehow, the movement needed to continue to expand. Watch David Broodryk describe how his team escaped the vicious cycle created by dependence on foreign funding.


How can we put an end to dependence on foreign aid? Watch David Broodryk describe how the principles of Disciple Making Movements, Social Impact and Economic Impact intersect in what he calls “the sweet spot.” David shares the journey taken by a group of African ministry leaders to find the sweet spot to sustain support for a Zulu champion and maintain the momentum of a hugely successful and rapidly growing movement.

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