Meet Our Team

You will recognize them by their fruits.


Below, you will find an overview of the people God has raised up to lead New Generations. They are broken down into seven groups: Our Board, Leadership Council, Field Council, Shepherding Support Team, Global Platform Team, The North American Team, and our Support Services Team. You can learn more about each leader by clicking on their picture to read their bio. However, some of our leaders live in security-sensitive regions, so we have chosen not to show their pictures or use their full names to protect their identity.


Leadership Council

Field Council

In our most recent audit, we identified 23,500 leaders actively involved in the Disciple-Making Movements we have catalyzed and coached. Each of these individuals plays a crucial role as a coach, trainer, or prayer mobilizer in their respective regions. While we would ideally acknowledge each of these leaders, due to space constraints, we are focusing on providing details about our Field Council below.

Shepherding Support Team

Our Shepherding Support Team is dedicated to evaluating qualitative and quantitative data to ensure the replication process of disciples making disciples is sustainable without us. This team of 30 people currently includes indigenous Shepherding Insight Coaches who work closely with DMM teams in the field. However, for security purposes, we are not able to share details about each of these local leaders.

Global Platform Team

North America

Our North American team is dedicated to catalyzing movements specifically in North America.
Visit our New Generations North America webpage to learn more.

Support Services