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Learn more about how your gift can unleash Disciple Making Movements across the world.

During the past 100 years, the world has remained about 30% Christian. Despite over 2,000 years of effort and investment, entire populations remain virtually untouched by the gospel.

This is why Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) are key — and why your support to empower more of them this GivingTuesday is so important!

DMMs are nothing more than ordinary individuals multiplying disciples within their natural networks. It’s about empowering a chain reaction of disciples making disciples, with cascades of churches planting churches.

And your generosity today can empower DMMs around the world!


A generous Matching Grant opportunity

We’ve been offered a $50,000 Matching Grant — but we’ll only receive funds as they are matched by friends like you. So please give generously:

      • Your $50 gift will be doubled to $100 to launch more movements.
      • Your $150 gift will be doubled to $300 to launch more movements.
      • Your $500 gift will be doubled to $1,000 to launch more movements.

Every donation made by November 28 will be DOUBLED, amplifying your impact!


Beyond the numbers

This isn’t just about meeting a financial target. It’s about empowering more people like Joyo, who’s from a Muslim region in Southeast Asia.

Joyo is an evangelist at heart, but his approach meant he was only reaching the men in his community. After learning DMM principles, he and his friends changed their methods. They went from starting secretive men’s Bible groups to openly sharing with men, women, and young people.

Today, Joyo and his friends have started 50 Discovery Bible Study groups, and new disciples are making new disciples. This is DMM in action!


Your GivingTuesday donation matters

When you give, you won’t just make a donation. You’ll help unleash even more DMMs, multiplying disciples within natural networks. And through the $50,000 Matching Grant, your action today will have twice the power to help complete the Great Commission.

Thank you for being a part of GivingTuesday to unleash Disciple Making Movements!