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God is using friends like you to unleash the Good News to some of the 5 billion people in the world who can’t read or who learn best by listening!

Here in the United States, most of the people we know learn things by reading. So it’s easy to assume that most people around the world learn by reading, too.

But did you know that 5 billion people in the world today either can’t read or they learn best by listening? And, did you know that 3,736 people groups around the world don’t have even a single verse of the Bible in their own “heart language,” or a language they can understand?

This is why New Generations, along with Reach Global, pioneered a new way to get God’s Word into the hands—or should we say, ears—of those who learn by listening. It’s called “audible Bible translation,” and we named the project Ending Scripture Poverty (ESP). This project is transforming hearts around the world… like a Pygmy people group in Francophone Central Africa.

Here’s a story that illustrates the impact: It all started when “Pascal” and “Timothy,” two local Disciple Making Movement (DMM) church planters among the Pygmy group, used natural networking to set up a meeting with leaders and members of the only church in the region.

The Pygmy village chief who attended the meeting was very skeptical of anything Pascal and Timothy had to say. This is because the Pygmy people have been a target of constant mistreatment over the centuries because of their isolated nature as forest-dwellers and short stature. So anything from the outside—including the gospel—is viewed with suspicion.

pygmy people

The Pygmy didn’t have any Scripture in their “heart language.” So, Pascal and Timothy soon began to provide audible Scripture sets as a part of our Ending Scripture Poverty initiative. And now we’re seeing rapid acceleration in spreading the Good News!

By God’s grace, the chief was so touched by what he heard that he invited Pascal and Timothy to go back with him to his village to share with others. Once there, Pascal and Timothy held several Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) and several people accepted Christ as a result. So many people were saved that a church was planted!

Despite these promising results, one barrier still remained: the Pygmy didn’t have any Scripture in their “heart language.” So Pascal and Timothy soon began providing audible Scripture sets as a part of our Ending Scripture Poverty (ESP) initiative. And now we’re seeing rapid acceleration in spreading the Good News!

“It’s been exciting to see God bless the spreading of His Word through ESP, our audible Bible translation program,” shares L. Michael, Shepherding Support Team Leader & Director of Strategic Advancement, at New Generations. “It’s amazing to see the epidemic of Scripture poverty coming to an end one people group at a time.”

Creating and distributing audible Bible sets is one of the highest-impact ways God is using New Generations to unleash the Good News around the world today. And the Pygmy are just one recent example of lives being forever changed as a result of Ending Scripture Poverty and Disciple Making Movements (DMM). Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for our DMM efforts!


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Identify and Train

We empower local leaders with the skills needed to become technicians who produce high-quality audible Scripture.

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Record and Edit

Scripture sets tailored to guide a journey with Jesus are produced, ensuring they resonate deeply with each unique culture’s “heart language.”

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Audio players are loaded with Scripture sets, ensuring everyone in the community can hear and respond to God’s Word.


New Generations is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Lehmann as our new president, effective July 1. Andy will work alongside Harry Brown, CEO, over a two-year transition period, and we’re so grateful for the wealth of experience Andy brings in non-profit, church, and missional leadership!

Before joining New Generations, Andy co-founded and led a nationwide church network, equipping churches to maximize their impact and multiply. He also served at Oaks Church near Dallas, directing church planting, community engagement, and global missions. Andy’s collaborative leadership has united leaders from various sectors to benefit their cities.

Andy was previously the head of U.S. Church Relations for a large global non-profit and has extensive missions experience, having partnered with local leaders in many countries to make disciples and transform communities. His passion is to see ordinary followers of Jesus become disciple-makers and church planters. 

lehmann family 2

Andy is excited to join the New Generations worldwide family to catalyze Disciple Making Movements and work toward fulfilling the Great Commission. He recently shared…

“I’m very honored to be able to join this team, and in fact, I’m humbled and sobered by it. The reality of what God has done over the last 20 years in New Generations is nothing short of miraculous. So, to be able to step into this role at a time when we’re starting to see exponential activity taking place is a very exciting thing for me. I’m thrilled to take the next steps here to bring my experience to bear.”

Andy holds a B.S. in Business Management from Grove City College and a Master’s Degree in Global Ministry Design from Moody Bible Institute, having also studied at Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Lindsey, met on a mission trip to Kenya and enjoy doing life and ministry together. They live outside Dallas with their three daughters, Olivia, Zoey, and Eliana. Andy’s 3-year-old describes him as, “does hard things, biking, loving, and ‘computering.’”


As you can see from the graphic below, God is on the move as disciples make more
disciples and churches plant more churches. 

Your gifts and prayers are the fuel to this wildfire of life-change, so thank you again for your partnership!

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We’re thrilled to invite Disciple Making Movement (DMM) practitioners and anyone seriously considering the DMM approach in North America to an extraordinary event that promises to inspire, equip, and connect those who are eager to advance the Kingdom of God. The North America Catalyst Camp, organized by New Generations, will take place from September 12-14, 2024, at the City of Grace church in Mesa, Arizona.

What Is the Catalyst Camp?

The North America Catalyst Camp provides a dynamic environment where participants can engage with seasoned practitioners, receive practical training, and immerse themselves in a community dedicated to making disciples who make disciples.

Why Attend?

Collective Prayer: Pray together for the flourishing of DMMs across North America.

Enhanced Effectiveness: Gain insights and practical knowledge from two highly effective Movement leaders: Aila Tasse, Younoussa Djao, and other experienced practitioners.

Engagement with Others: Collaborate and network with other DMM practitioners to maximize impact.

Actionable 6-Month Plans: Develop contextualized and actionable plans for your area centered around each DMM concept.

Please visit for more information and to get your early bird discount code. But don’t wait—the discount ends August 1!


Dear Friend,

It was June 1974 when my wife Audrey and I met as counselors at a camp for inner-city kids as our summer ministry while attending different Bible Schools. 

Only the Lord knew that this encounter would launch our partnership together and a ministry career that has now hit 50 years!

During those five decades, the Lord took us from sharing the love of God with kids at camp to making disciples through inner-city Bible clubs to launching a global ministry that has produced almost 3 million new followers of Jesus and well over 130,000 new churches in some of the most challenging places on earth.

We stand amazed at the privilege of partnering with friends like you in something that we believe holds the key to completing the Great Commission: the idea of chain reactions of disciples making disciples and churches planting churches that don’t depend on you!

Fifty years is a long time, but the Lord isn’t done with us yet. However, the seasons are changing! As you read on page 3, Andy and Lindsey Lehmann have joined the New Generations family to start a two-year transition where Andy will gradually be assuming the overall leadership of New Generations. 

After the transition is complete, the plan is for me to continue doing four things: fundraising, mentoring leaders, writing content, and working on innovation in missions.

Despite these changes, one thing that hasn’t changed is the gratitude we feel for your gifts and prayers, which God continues to use to launch Disciple Making Movements. The stories you’ve read here are a testament to that.

So, thank you again for investing in the Kingdom of God through New Generations. You are a vital part of this team!


Harry Brown

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