Part 4 : The Importance of Prayer

Stories of Transformation


Stories of transformation spur us on in the work we’re doing with New Generations. If there are ever times we doubt the power of prayer, we look to testimonies of disciple-makers around the world who have experienced firsthand the mighty ways God works when we dedicate our lives to prayer. 

One example of that is the prayer which led a small group to a village filled with those of another faith, some demon possessed, some ill. Through prayer, they were able to meet someone from this village, begin a relationship, be invited into the village, and from there see how God would begin His movement. Miracles started happening. After evidence of these miracles, the believers were invited to continue sharing their message, praying and fasting over the village, and healing. Make no mistake-God does mighty things. He’s sovereign and all-powerful. He chooses to work through us if we come to Him in obedience, sometimes beginning with a simple prayer on a bus which led to this village’s spiritual transformation.