God Moves, Even On Soccer Fields

Stories of Transformation

The doors to communities swing open when love knocks. And we’re seeing this unfold in Southern Africa with local leaders, moved by compassion to provide job training and other skills to the community.

Joseph* and his team have been working in Southern Africa for fifteen years. They created an “up-skill” center after realizing job creation is the major need for the community. Here, locals come to the “up-skill” center and learn new skills in order to find employment.

Out of this center, two local men, Samuel and Johan,* had the vision to start a soccer league within the township. They now host four tournaments per year. Sponsors get involved to help cover the costs where needed. Joseph explains that the discipling is in its early days, but there is a lot of relationship building taking place. 

A team of 15 Jesus-followers actively engage in getting to know the coaches and teams. They have become very open to prayer and meaningful conversation over time and, as the soccer league grows, God is opening more doors to address the obvious brokenness and need. This year, Samuel and Johan started an additional clinic to “up-skill soccer coaching.” Here, local coaches have the opportunity to learn more professional and effective ways to coach their teams. As a result of the soccer league, a Discovery Bible Study has started! People meet in homes and are discovering Jesus and committing their lives to Him.

Please pray with us for a movement to start in this township and for the continuing success of the soccer league.


*Names have been changed for security purposes.