Month: November 2023

DMM Restored the Broken Relationship

I was born into a family that had a lot of issues. I hated my father and everyone around me after they denied me my education, but by God’s grace, I was able to join a school. I worked hard ...

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Healing, Land, and a Chicken!

As we walked into the village local leaders and curious onlookers gathered, pulling plastic chairs out of nearby houses and courtyards. We all sat in a large circle under a gigantic tree. We began with introductions. Dialogue flowed back and ...

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Certainty of Salvation

I’m Hawa, married to Abubakar, and we have two children. We are all from the same nationality. We’ve been living in the Central African Republic for several years. We were very fervent in Islam, but my meeting and friendship with ...

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Helping The Deaf “Hear” God

Edi is a believer from Francophone Central Africa, and she’d always had a special place in her heart for deaf people. But how could she reach them? By taking sign language, of course! Edi became trained in sign language, and ...

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