Month: March 2023

North Africa Experiences Dreams and Visions

For 25 years, we have been praying for the salvation of the T peoples,* a large, nomadic group residing in Northern Africa.  Five years ago, there were less than 100 Jesus-followers in the entire nation, and the rest were resistant ...

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God Moves, Even On Soccer Fields

The doors to communities swing open when love knocks. And we’re seeing this unfold in Southern Africa with local leaders, moved by compassion to provide job training and other skills to the community. Joseph* and his team have been working ...

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Tangible Care Leads to Multiplication

As a mostly isolated and unreached people group, the Pygmies of East Africa typically don’t associate with other people. There are often relational and cultural barriers built up, preventing a breakthrough of Disciple Making Movement work in this region.  However, ...

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