Month: July 2024

7.19 feature

Martyrs Pave the Way

One of New Generations ministry teams in West Africa decided to engage a very difficult region, resistant to the Gospel. There, a few years earlier, six Christians had been brutally murdered. But these martyrs did not work in vain. Our ...

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7.12 feature

A Miracle in South Asia

There’s a village in South Asia where 150 families live. Two of these families came to faith in Jesus and started a church in their home. One of them had an 8-year-old daughter who went to school. One morning at ...

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7.5 feature

An Illiterate Woman Pioneers Dangerous Places

An illiterate single woman, who sold palm oil, answered a call to become a church planter in West Africa. Her pastor did not think that she could make the grade as a church planter. So, he asked her to go ...

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