Month: June 2024

6.28 feature

Choosing God Above All

*All names have been changed for security purposes My name is Fatima, and I am married to Ahmed. We have two wonderful children, and our family was deeply devoted to our faith, practicing it with fervor and dedication. Everything changed ...

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6.21 feature

Passing the Vision

“I’m still not sure what I believe about God, but I like the principles we are learning from the Bible and how we put them into practice, and I just love meeting with this group!” This was how Chris described ...

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6.14 image

Leaving Bondage Behind for a Life of Faith

My name is Amina (pseudonym), and I am a mother to a beautiful son. I live in a small town in East Africa. My journey has been marked by hardship and struggle, but it is also a story of redemption ...

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Kenyan church

Sowing Seeds of Faith

I was born and raised in a Christian background. My parents were among the church Elders and raised me as a Christian. I joined school and studied up to standard seven, but then I was unable to proceed with my ...

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