The Power of God

Stories of Transformation

When I was in Longo Longo, I went to the Hotel to have some tea. I was seated near two young boys, and I started sharing with them God’s Word. Their mother saw us talking and realized that I was a pastor. She said to me, “Pastor teach these youth, they have really changed these days, and involve themselves in earthly things that are not benefiting them. Teach them the Word of God because the Muslim Background (MB) classes, that they attend daily, are not helping them. Maybe your God will change them.”

I said, yes, I will talk to them. Later, she and her children came to me so that I could teach them. She asked me to teach them so that they would not be lost, as they still have long lives to live in this world. Then she said, she will join the classes soon. I continued interacting with this mother, sharing with her the Word of God, and through Discovery Bible Study (DBS), she decided to leave Islam and join our movement. She did this in secret for fear of what other Muslims, especially her husband who was an Imam, might do. Now she is doing DBS with her children, but in secret. I normally visit them to coach, mentor and encourage them.