Lawbreaker to Disciple Maker

Stories of Transformation

Meet RM, a resident of the coastal Kenya region. He grew up in a tough place, surrounded by crime, drugs, and despair. But his life took a remarkable turn when a group of caring individuals visited his village. They didn’t preach; they simply showed him love by providing food and understanding his challenges. Over time, they invited him to join their group, piquing his interest.

This group was different. They talked about hope, joy, and a God who loved RM and had a purpose for his life. RM started attending their Bible studies regularly and began to see the world in a new light. He realized life was more than just seeking highs through addiction. He found a supportive community that accepted him, despite his struggles with addiction. As RM delved into the Bible, he discovered a renewed faith in God. He felt a strong calling to help others battling addiction and seeking hope. He decided to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and guide others in their faith journeys.

Now, RM spends his days reaching out to those struggling with addiction, sharing his story, and encouraging them to turn to God for help. He teaches them what he’s learned from his own challenges and leads them through their own faith discovery via Bible study. He’s become a disciple maker, helping many break free from addiction and build better lives. RM’s story of transformation has brought hope to his hometown. People who once saw him as a troublemaker now aspire to follow his path. RM left behind illegal activities to support his family with legal work. He’s even started two discovery groups in the slums, where some have already left drugs and crime, while others are still on the journey to recovery. RM and his team provide unwavering support, continuing their discovery sessions and coaching these individuals to become committed followers of Christ.