God’s Deliverance

Stories of Transformation

For three months, Arun had been trying to enter an unengaged village. After visiting three or four times, he realized that an evil spirit was continually disturbing them.

There was a young lady who had a spirit for three years. This was creating a disturbance in her home and also within the village. The parents tried repeatedly to get help for their daughter. They went to magicians and spent lots of money. These attempts failed. The situation became so extreme that her parents decided the only way to live in peace was to kill their daughter.

It was around that time that Arun was prompted by the Holy Spirit to visit that village.

Prayer Provides the Power

He and his wife walked through the village praying. The parents approached him because they thought he was from the Medical Department. They were hoping to get help for their daughter. Arun and his wife promised to return to help them in three days; but first, they wanted to fast, pray, and ask the Lord for help in that village.

When they went back, the villagers were waiting. As soon as the young lady with the demon saw Arun, she stood up and ran away so fast that no one could catch her. As she was running, she was yelling, “I cannot stay here. Leave me, leave me! Don’t bind me! I will go away!” When the villagers finally caught her, she said “I have no power to resist that servant of God. I have seen Jesus in him. Before he throws me out, I want to leave this place forever.”

Arun and his wife prayed in front of all the villagers. With a big sigh the demonized girl fell and fainted. Fifteen minutes later she woke up. She was fine.

All the villagers witnessed this miracle from the living God. Day by day they started coming to the Lord. That young lady’s family became the persons of peace in their village, and this girl is now a member of the newly formed Discovery Bible study. Other transformations are taking place in that community.

Glory to God alone for His miracles, answers to prayer, and His movement in this region.