Hope – The Fight Against Addiction & Human Trafficking

Stories of Transformation

Recently, some of our team members were out walking the streets in one of the cities we serve in Southeast Asia, and they came across Tini*. Having just 16 years under her belt, it was obvious she was scared and overwhelmed by her circumstances. Like many others, she had been lured into the prostitution industry by the false promise of a stable income for her family. As our team members engaged in conversation with her and showed Tini they cared about her as an actual person, not just an object, she started to pour out her heart explaining how years of family tragedy had led to her current life on the streets. She shared the heartbreaking story of how her father had died long ago and how her mother had recently suffered a massive stroke, leaving her bedridden and unable to walk.

Without anybody to turn to for help and no source of income, Tini knew she and her mother would starve if she did not find work.

Lacking any education or job skills, she turned to prostitution, which she thought was her only option. After talking with Tini for hours, she invited us to come pray for her ill mother.

By the time we arrived at Tini’s home, it was well after midnight, but not wanting to miss this “open door,” we pressed ahead. After a time of prayer, our team witnessed a miracle, as Tini’s mother was able to walk once again. Overcome with joy, Tini wanted to know more about this God who had the power to heal her mother, and so she started meeting with some of our team members on a regular basis to study the Bible and learn about God.

We were able to connect her with other women who had overcome circumstances similar to hers, and Tini began the healing process. Through the support and guidance she found in her new community, and more importantly, her newfound relationship with God, Tini began to find healing and security. Tini is no longer selling herself on the street and has joined one of the ex-prostitute fellowships in her community. Her mother has testified to the entire community about her miraculous healing, and as a result, a fellowship or “house church” has now been started in her home.

Because faithful donors like you support our ministry, Tini’s life has been transformed and now she is actively seeking out other girls to share her testimony with so that they too can escape a life of bondage.

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