A Breakthrough in Côte d’Ivoire

Stories of Transformation

Kade* is a new follower of Jesus among the Moko* people. He lives in a large village of about 2,000 people. He is probably the only follower of Jesus in his village, and there are almost no Christians among his language group of 70,000 people. But almost two years ago, an African Vineyard church planter named Cedric* left his comfortable life in Abidjan, the financial capital of Côte d’Ivoire, and moved with his young family to a town near Kade’s village to reach the Moko.

Cedric’s ministry has born fruit as new believers have been baptized and two new churches have emerged. But Cedric and his wife have also been discouraged. They feel called by God to reach the Moko, but while they are thankful, most of the new disciples are people living among the Moko who speak other languages.

Because none of the Bible was available in Moko, and because Moko is not a written language, in February we helped Cedric and four Moko speakers record nine audio Bible stories in their language. These stories together with African music and Bible discussion questions were then put on SD cards to be played on three MP3 players that we left with Cedric.

Kade has been eagerly listening to these Bible stories in Moko. Late one afternoon last month, we went to Kade’s village with Cedric to meet him and to ask him questions about how listening to the stories has impacted his life. But we were surprised when we got there because 20 people were waiting at his home to meet us. Because of the small crowd, we shifted our strategy and instead of interviewing Kade, Cedric played the Creation Story from Genesis 1 in Moko and then people retold the story and discussed how it spoke to their lives. About ten people then asked Cedric to come back every Friday so that they could listen to more Bible stories. So a new Discovery Bible Study group has begun!

Before leaving Kade’s village we stopped at the chief’s home to greet him. He told Cedric that he is welcome there and that it would be good to have a church in the village. He promised that he would give land for a church building when one is needed.

Now that God’s Word is beginning to be heard for the very first time in the Moko language, new groups have begun in several villages and Moko people are surprised at how it powerfully and practically speaks to their everyday lives, problems, and relationships. Kade and Cedric are thankful for the signs of breakthrough among the Moko people. Join us in praying for an outpouring of God’s Spirit and for His provision and help to get many more Bible stories into the Moko language in the months ahead.

*Names have been changed to protect workers and new believers.