Persistent in the Faith

Stories of Transformation

My name is Moses, I am from West Africa. I was invited to attend a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) by a team leader, who was traveling to the city on one of his business trips. This team leader saved and baptized me at this meeting.  I am, now, moving from community to community establishing DBS groups within my Chiefdom. As a former Muslim background believer (MBB), my community became very agitated with my new-found faith and actions, in reaching out to fellow M community, and asked me to renounce it. When I refused, they took away my wife, leaving me with my 3 small daughters who are 2, 4, and 7 yrs old respectively. I kept praying, continuing to go about my Disciple Making Movement (DMM) activities, and taking care of my children, until the family decided to return my wife to me. We are now working with other small group leaders, running and conducting DBSs, baptizing new believers, and establishing new churches in communities among my people group.