An Imam Discovers God

Stories of Transformation

A local Imam was not happy with the reality of a new house church developing in his neighborhood. To deter this new gathering, he developed a strategy of gathering children in the area to throw stones into the house while the church was meeting. 

Whenever the police were called to intervene, the Imam would hide the children in his own house until the police dispersed, and the Imam would then reopen his gate for the children to continue throwing stones. 

One day, the police inspector hid himself and discovered what was happening. But when the police came to arrest the Imam, the same pastor whose home was being attacked pleaded on behalf of the Imam. As a result, the Imam was not arrested.

The following day, the Imam became seriously sick in the night. The pastor was woken up to take the Imam to the hospital. Unfortunately, the Imam had no money to pay the bill, and it was the pastor who paid the medical bill for him. 

When the Imam was released from the hospital, he came with his wife to repent and make the following declaration: “Pastor, I discovered you are a man of God. From today, consider us as the member of your family and help us to discover your God.”