Mimi’s Story

Stories of Transformation

Mimi* grew up in a home where witchcraft was commonly used. When she was 12, she was sick and grew so weak that she could barely function. Her parents spent much money to find remedies through witchcraft, but Mimi only kept getting worse. Mimi heard praises coming from a local church as they gathered to worship. In her heart, she believed that if she could just get to church, she could be healed. She made it to the church service, and Jesus healed her when the pastor prayed for her. Mimi kept coming back to church, and at 13 she told her family that she wanted to follow Jesus and be baptized.

Her parents told her that if she wanted to become a Christian, they would disown her and not provide schooling, clothes, or even food for her. But Mimi committed her life to Jesus and began weaving baskets, chopping wood, and making charcoal to support herself. Her parents used their witchcraft to try to curse her, but Mimi continued to grow in her faith. She joined the church worship team and studied the Bible with the help of her pastor. He began to have her preach often at church. She started a small group Bible study. But because the Bible was not yet in Mimi’s language, she relied on a French translation.

Then in 2019, some Christians who spoke Mimi’s language learned how to translate Bible stories and make audio recordings of them to put on MP3 players.

Mimi received an audio player that contained the Bible stories she had come to love, now in her own language. For the first time, she had something that she could share with others around her who weren’t interested in the French Bible but might be interested in hearing what the Bible was like in their own language. She risked playing the stories in her room at home where her family could hear them. Amazingly, her sick sister was healed while listening to the second story! Her parents opened up to her! Her father said that the audio recordings were a special gift that she had to share with others, and she should keep giving them away.

Using the newly recorded Bible stories, Mimi started more discovery groups with friends and other people around her, and over the next few months, a church of around 50 people was birthed.

Putting God’s Word in people’s heart languages unlocks the treasures of Jesus’ Good News and greatly accelerates the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and new churches! When you give to New Generations, you’re supporting Audio Scripture Sets like the ones Mimi now has access to. Many thanks to all our prayer partners and financial supporters for your part in making this all possible!

*Pseudonym used for protection.