Healing, Land, and a Chicken!

Stories of Transformation

As we walked into the village local leaders and curious onlookers gathered, pulling plastic chairs out of nearby houses and courtyards. We all sat in a large circle under a gigantic tree. We began with introductions. Dialogue flowed back and forth between English and the tribal language through French, using two translators. People were very glad for our visit and gave us cool water and freshly roasted corn. After a time, we asked them how we could pray for the village. They said that they wanted electricity and a school. We prayed for this, and then I told them that Jesus is compassionate and powerful and asked them if there was anyone there who needed healing. (I have done this many times and repeatedly seen God do wonderful miracles. It still gives me butterflies every time I ask this. I find myself praying under my breath, “God, please show up!” He always does!) After I asked, the villagers brought two elderly people forward—one man and one woman—who were both walking with great difficulty and both were in pain. We prayed for them in English without translation and then using translators asked them how they were. They both were much better and the woman, in particular, thanked us profusely: “Merci beaucoup! Merci beaucoup! Merci beaucoup!”

Just outside our circle, I noticed children chasing a black and white rooster.

Our African leader told the village leaders, “We would like land in your village for a church building.” Without hesitating they said, “Yes, that would be good. We will take you to the land now.” They escorted us to several acres of land on the main route into their village and said, “We allocated this land for a bus stop, but it has never been used for that. You can use this to build a church and home.” We thanked them and joined our church planter to pray over the land.

Before we left the village, we discovered that the children had captured the black and white rooster. The live rooster was given to us as a gift!

This type of interaction was repeated in village after village as we saw more healings and were given gifts of food and drink. God brought healing to the eyes of one woman who had been going blind. She was very thankful. Her daughter said she had wanted help for a long time, but the witch doctors and the local religious leaders would not pray for her because she had no money to pay them. The church planters have already followed up by visiting her and her family.

The church planters told us how thankful they are for your prayers and asked that we all continue to pray for them. Thanks for your prayers and financial support that are helping reach people across the world.

All over the world, chain reactions of disciples making disciples who make disciples are sparking through local leaders and churches like this one!

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