From Growing Tomatoes to Growing Churches

Stories of Transformation

Prayer is the Foundation

I was trained as a DMM leader to go to a new location in West Africa and conduct a prayer walk in the village. While we prayed, we were encouraged to also research the needs of that community. As we identified those needs, we sought the Lord about how to answer the challenge of starting a compassion ministry.

Meeting Needs in the Community

I found that the youth of the village felt hopeless with so few job opportunities available and as a result, were fleeing to the cities for work. Because I have experience as a farmer and gardener, I sensed the Lord encouraging me to start growing tomatoes. I hired some people, and we began to sell our produce in the markets.

It worked so well that eventually they asked me to be the leader of a farmer’s cooperative in our village. I declined but suggested that my first disciple, Seka, become the president. Though he was originally experiencing some persecution, this was reduced when he began leading the cooperative.

Local Leaders

This inside leader now has seven churches multiplying out of his social networks. Rather than coming into a community and establishing a new leader, we look for a Person of Peace who has a spiritual hunger, openness, and influence in their community. This sets up a sustainable and replicating opportunity for Disciple Making Movements to come!

Learn More About Compassion Ministry

God works through our obedience in compassion toward others. Each time we are willing to step out and meet a need, whether it’s physical, financial, or other, God is able to open doors that lead to meeting spiritual needs. To learn more about compassion ministry, check out our video series!