Won by Jesus’ Healing

Stories of Transformation

Jesus Healing a Person of Peace

Abu was a respected leader in his African village and a leader in his mosque. But he had a problem, his wife was suffering from cancer. They had searched for medical help, but she continued to decline. Abu had heard that others in his village were becoming followers of Jesus and that this Jesus was healing many people. He wanted to take his wife to get prayer from these Jesus followers, but he could not bring himself to do it because he was a leader in the mosque.

His wife, however, continued to get worse. She was losing all her strength and it became apparent that she was dying. In desperation, Abu went with his wife and asked for prayer from the Jesus followers. When they prayed for her, she immediately felt better.

When she returned home, she began cleaning the house and fixing meals—things which she had not done for a long time. Abu said, “What are you doing? You should not be exerting yourself!” But she said, “I am fine. Jesus healed me!”

Several weeks later Abu went to the center of his village and tore off his Muslim clothes proclaiming, “I am no longer a follower of Mohammed, I am a follower of Jesus.” Others said, “Aren’t you afraid to make this declaration in public?” But he responded, “I am a respected leader in this village. I can do what I want!”

Discovery Bible Study

Abu and his wife began a church in their home, and several daughter churches have been birthed from their church.

Healings are often a doorway into new families and towns. When Jesus heals someone, they immediately know that He is alive, powerful, and compassionate.