God Opened Issy’s Eyes

Stories of Transformation

Discovery Bible Study

One year ago, Issy was a drunkard and hated by everybody in his village because of his bad behavior.

One night Issy followed an old friend to a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) group because he was not able to get his traditional beer. His eyes were opened, and he was convicted of his sins. Issy gave his life to Christ.

He was so faithful in following the group that after six months, he reported to the group that he had his own group in his village. Issy got the support of the original group, and they started baptizing people in the village.

Disciple Making Movement Approach

Issy now leads his church boldly in the way he was taught, concentrating only on helping people discover the God of the Bible, be obedient to the Word, and reach out.

Please pray for Issy. He is a great leader, respected in his village now because of the Gospel. We need more leaders like him in this region.