Breaking Chains, Building Disciples

Stories of Transformation

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One night as I was praying, God led me to a coastal region for a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) mission.

Upon reaching the city, I met one of the businessmen who was selling vegetables. This businessman became a person of peace. Through him, I was connected to a woman who was well-known as a prostitute. People feared being seen with her because then the whole village disrespected you just as they would her.

I went to this woman’s house, and she was very amazed to see me. After I explained to her who I was, she welcomed me in. I shared the Word of God with her. We prayed, and she confessed and accepted Jesus.

I kept visiting her, and through her, I was able to reach so many people within the village, and many souls were saved.

God saved this woman, and the whole village was surprised to see that she had left her prostitution work. The community was amazed.

We started a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in her house and many women who were prostitutes joined. We experienced many transformations as people came to Christ. The number of people in the DBS kept on growing, so we decided to open a church with her as the leader.

As of now, there are so many people within her people group coming to the church, even if they are still doing their witchcraft.

God is at work.