Transformed by Discovery Bible Study

Stories of Transformation

My name is Akello, and I am a senior citizen from East Africa.

In 2023 I was invited to take part in a Discovery Bible Study (DBS). This study was about Genesis 11:1-9, and I learned about the power of unity. I felt that these teachings seemed to apply to me, but I couldn’t understand why or how.

At that time, my two grandchildren weren’t going to school. I felt as if, through God’s Word, He was telling me to do something. I felt a change, a transformation. I was so deeply touched that I decided to establish a link with an organization that looks after and educates my grandchildren. I didn’t have the strength to teach them myself. I asked myself, where did the inspiration I felt come from? Is this associated with my Bible study on the power of unity?

This DBS was like a comfort or an enveloping warmth. I loved the fellowship. This kind of sharing was not customary with us. This feeling of communication with the One who inspires and guides. The peace I felt, and above all the witness to the power of unity between myself and my grandchildren, with whom I’m now much closer, seemed supernatural.

Today, I’m certain that my realization of the importance of educating my grandchildren is an action of God. Learning God’s Word in this way is my grandchildren’s future.