I Said YES – CAR

Stories of Transformation

I said YES

[to taking the first step to launch a Disciple Making Movement]

My name is Tunani. I live in the Central African Republic (CAR). Religious intolerance and violence continue to rage in CAR. The Banda people are one of the largest people groups in the country. Many among them worship a divinity called Ngakola. They perform ancient rituals and make sacrificial offerings to ancestral spirits for seasonal success and for crops. For several years, my team and I worked diligently to plant churches among them without the breakthrough we so desperately wanted. We did everything we knew but grew frustrated with our lack of success.

Then two trainers from Cityteam International came and provided 5 days of training on the principles of Disciple Making Movements (DMM). At first, I rejected the training and did not want to implement what I learned. I did not believe DMM provided the strategies we needed to reach the Banda people.

However, after some months, the Lord kept challenging me to give DMM a chance. He put it on my heart to revisit the training material and start the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) process. When I finally said, ‘YES’, I called our church planters who were among the Banda people in from the field. We repeated the DMM training, prayed, fasted, and then sent them out with clear instructions to:

• Find a ‘person of peace’ that God has already prepared in the communities
• Start DBS among the family and friends of the ‘person of peace’
• Focus on obedience and passing on what you learn to others

We were shocked at what happened. In the previous year, we had only been able to plant two churches but to my amazement, in less than six months, we started 150 DBS groups!

With more training and coaching from Cityteam International, we were able to see the multiplication of new disciples, new leaders, and new churches which led to the transformation of entire communities. This process has led to a movement of seven generations of churches planting churches!

Please pray for me and our church planting team as we continue to multiply disciple makers amid great violence in our country. We said ‘YES’ to taking the first step to launch a Disciple Making Movement. Will you say ‘YES’ to partnering with us?