Responding to the call of God in troubled times

Stories of Transformation

How do you respond to the call of God when the world seems to be falling apart? When it’s dark, and it feels like there is no hope?

It seems comfortable to respond to God’s call when life itself is easy—when time, resources, and energy are plentiful, and there is little opposition. But it’s not so easy in times like this—with a global pandemic rapidly changing our world, with communities in desperate need of resources.

We were encouraged recently when we received reports from our brothers and sisters in Bali, who have courageously stepped up to the call to love their neighbors and care for those in need. What better way to spread the Good News of Jesus than to practically and tangibly help a world in need and demonstrate love in a life-giving way?

Collections of food, personal protective equipment, and other necessities are being gathered and distributed in Bali. Check out the impact being made by watching the video above.

We want to say thank you to our team in Southeast Asia. Due to the brave men and women committing to God’s call, communities receive help, and more importantly, they are receiving hope. When you see the smiles, the light in their eyes, the joy on each face when receiving these gifts, it’s clear to see why we are so proud to stand with these brothers and sisters in Christ.