Part 1: Our COVID-19 Response: In every crisis, there is a Kingdom opportunity

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COVID-19 continues to take its toll on communities around the globe. Social media, news, and articles are littered with feelings of confusion, fear, anxiety, and even anger. As followers of Jesus, we need to remember that we serve a God who empathizes with us in our lowest moments, and who in fact experienced the same through the Incarnation of Christ.

In the midst of this crisis, we are not hopeless. We are not without direction. We are not in despair. We push forward with joy in the knowledge that Christ offers a better way through these troubling times than the world does.

For years, our teams have been training and equipping followers of Jesus to reach out to communities in practical ways, while also looking for those that are spiritually open. We seek out the ones God has been preparing, and who God uses to draw others together in the Discovery Bible Study process.

This pandemic creates another opportunity for the Church to minister to people’s needs in loving, practical ways. If we keep our eyes open for those that are also spiritually hurting, we can also provide hope and peace to those struggling with fear, anxiety, and desperation. We can watch as a loving God once again uses what the enemy meant for evil and turns it into something that draws people to Himself.

During a webinar on March 17th, our Regional Director in West Africa said, “We create irresistible influence when we move toward trouble and not away from it.” During the Ebola outbreak, he and his team did not allow their fear of the virus to stop them from trusting God and doing everything they could to be a witness.

In the same way, they launched a “Stop COVID-19 Task Force” last week. They have been working hard to feed the vulnerable, prisoners, and amputees. They also provided clean water to Police and Military Officers during a three-day lockdown in the fight against COVID-19.

Please join us in standing with our brothers and sisters in Africa. Join the conversation by following us on social media, join us in praying for the team, and join us in providing food for those in need. For as little as $30, you can provide a package of food (including delivery) that will feed a family for three weeks.

For additional insights from our Regional Director in West Africa, you can watch this recording of our webinar from March 17th. He brings a lot of experience to the table, having mobilized followers of Jesus during the Ebola Crisis. You can hear him talk about the crisis and how God used it for His glory during that difficult time. You don’t want to miss it!

We are deeply grateful for your prayers and your support. As you go about your week please be praying for our teams in the following areas.

  • East Africa: Caring for 200 families in various slums
  • Horn of Africa: Assisting 1,000 families living in poverty
  • South Africa: 2500 families, 800 education packs for kids
  • South Asia: Food distribution to widespread starving families
  • West Africa (English Speaking): feeding most vulnerable; old, sick, handicapped, etc.

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