Part 2 : Person of Peace

Stories of Transformation

Finding a Person of Peace is essential to the process of launching a Disciple Making Movement. A Person of Peace in a community can be identified by many qualifying traits. He or she is a local resident with influence in the community, a welcoming person, and spiritually open. To find this Person of Peace, we start with significant amounts of prayer and stay open to where God may be leading us. It may be surprising that we have even seen God use Muslim leaders or witch doctors as the Person of Peace used to open the doors to a community.

God prepares people in advance for the work He wants to do. Some are unaware of how God has been preparing their hearts, while others are waiting for His Gospel message. We’ve experienced stories of leaders in communities who pray for years, waiting for a message to be brought to their people. Others have a sense that there is a God and are asking Him to bring people to their villages. It’s amazing when we seek those Persons of Peace and find how God has been weaving the pieces of their story to fit perfectly in His plan. People are discipled, Churches are planted, and communities come to Christ.

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