Tejan’s Testimony

Stories of Transformation

I am a Pastor, and I love working for God. It’s the greatest service or job in the universe. It’s one that not only determines living in a perpetual state of God-consciousness in this life but lays the foundation for the next life – the afterlife in eternal glory. 

I was amazed at listening to the gospel, the Bible, in Creole. It was so simplified, so easy to comprehend, that it was really an amazing experience. I felt greatly relieved as a man of God, for though a Pastor, I am more comfortable in Creole than in English, where the subject/verb agreement is always laying traps in my path in my delivering of the Word of God – the message of Christ in a language that is a stranger to me. 

The language of Creole is my friend; we have grown up since birth. The Scripture SD card facilitated my preparation and delivery of the Word of God on the pulpit. It made me more fluent as my sense of understanding was not only improved but communicated to my congregation with confidence and authority, which is effective communication.

I can confess that my love and understanding for God’s Word have increased considerably. I now share God’s Word with God’s children happily and confidently with authority.


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