When Surrender Leads to Influence

Stories of Transformation

One of our new DMM leaders resides in Naya (a pseudonym) town and is a parish chief – her name is Abigail (a pseudonym).

Abigail writes, “There was death in my home. I’m married to a Muslim man and was raised in a Muslim family. During this COVID-19 season, I was going through a difficult time in my home – my husband and I were not getting along, my children were falling sick all the time, and I was also facing some health challenges.

At this point someone let me know that there was a group meeting to pray – it was a DBS. Later, I went and visited this group and received prayers, but more so I received the inspiration that God would hear my prayers. I went home and right there in the corridor of my house, I prayed and surrendered to Jesus.

Things began to change. God revealed Himself to me through a dream and a vision, and the leader of the Discovery group encouraged me to start a group in my home. So, I started inviting my neighbors, and these were women who are married to Muslim men! We started having great times in God’s Word, and we prayed. God healed me and my children!

My reactions to my husband changed for the better and he noticed. He even said, ‘You better start a church because you have changed.’ I answered that the church WILL be in our home. Since traditional churches are closed, Muslim women continue to come to my home despite fearing what will happen to them if their husbands find out. God has given me favor. Ladies in the community now approach me for advice and I have also been invited to host a program on a radio station.”