The Joy of Planting a Church – West Africa

Stories of Transformation

My name is Aaron Danah*. I am a church planter. I never knew I could have this joy in my new life in Christ Jesus until I gave myself for the work of God. The testimonies of souls being saved and lives being transformed gives me joy.

Sorawa* is a community named after the great-grandfather who established the community. He was well known for polygamy (many wives) with many children. The community is over 500 inhabitants with 84% grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Pa Sorawa. All are Muslims except for one Madam Kalimo* and her three children. They became my ‘person of peace’ who wanted to bring a church in this community of Muslims.

We started our home fellowship and prayer using Discovery Bible Study. Some people honored our invitation to the fellowship, but they did so in hiding for the fear of what others will say about them. Two months ago, as we approached the month of Ramadan (Muslim fast month), we bought two 50 kg bags of sugar and offered it to the town chief for the community.

This little act of kindness opened a door of acceptance, so they offered us a piece of land to build a place of worship. In addition, they helped us with free labor to put up a temporary church structure. The elders permitted their children and youths to come to our meetings. As a result, there came a breakthrough for the fellowship. The Chief said, henceforth, anyone who wishes to join the Christians is free to do so. To God be all the glory. Sorawa community now has a church!