Unexpected Heroes: God Uses the Ordinary

Stories of Transformation

Audio Scripture Sets

Early this year we had a 2-day session with some of our church planters in North Cameroon on orality principles through storytelling. The exercise was to end with the distribution of SD Cards containing audio Bibles.

We initially assumed that focusing on the smartest of our church planters would make the work move faster. So, we focused on choosing those who could read, write, and speak fluent French as participants.

During the workshops, there were two guys who didn’t really understand what we were saying. We had to get an interpreter for them, thus making our work more complicated. On day two, we noticed our two friends did not have to work hard to accurately memorize the stories we told them. The others tended to paraphrase, but these two were as faithful as recorders.

A few weeks after the workshops, we noticed something really amazing. These two men had confidently shared many Bible stories within their communities.

Our Data Team discovered 12 Discovery Bible Studies (DBSs) that they had launched, and four new churches, all with vibrant disciples.

God uses the ordinary

This experience with our two friends has totally shaped my perspective on who God wants to use, especially in the areas of cross-cultural ministries. In June this year, we have plans to conduct a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training with 20 oral learners who will start movements in their communities through storytelling.

God’s choices are not always ours. He is reaching out to the nations through ordinary men and women.

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