Choosing God Above All

Stories of Transformation

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*All names have been changed for security purposes

My name is Fatima, and I am married to Ahmed. We have two wonderful children, and our family was deeply devoted to our faith, practicing it with fervor and dedication.

Everything changed when I started meeting with my friend Sarah, the wife of Micah. Our conversations often took place under the shade of a tree while working in the fields. During our breaks, Sarah would share the Word of God with me. We listened to Bible stories translated into our local language, and each meeting became an opportunity for her to introduce me to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a Discovery Bible Study (DBS).

During one of these DBS sessions, Sarah spoke to me about the certainty of salvation in Jesus, explaining that He is the promised Savior according to Luke 1:26-38 and Luke 2:1-20. This was a stark contrast to the uncertainty of salvation I had known in my previous faith. Intrigued and moved, I tried to discuss these profound truths with my husband, but he rebuked me severely. Despite his opposition, I continued attending the DBS with Sarah. Gradually, my eyes were opened to the truth that I could have a direct relationship with God and that salvation is found in Jesus alone. Many of my questions found answers through these studies.

As my mindset, behavior, and actions began to change, my husband noticed and ultimately decided to divorce me. It was a painful and challenging time, but I found immense support and compassion from Sarah, Micah, and other brothers and sisters in Christ. Their unwavering love and kindness further convinced me to fully embrace this new faith and become a part of this spiritual family.

I now consider it a privilege to have been baptized and to follow Jesus. I am not alone in this journey; I have become a disciple of Jesus among other women from my previous faith background. I understand that the Great Commission’s challenges are not reserved for men alone, and I am committed to playing my part.

Today, under the guidance of Pastor Daniel, I am being trained in women’s leadership. My mission is to work among women from my former faith, helping to plant churches and share the transformative message of Jesus. My life has been radically changed, and I am dedicated to helping others find the same hope and salvation that I have found.

My story is a testament to the power of Disciple Making Movements (DMM), the importance of prayer, and the life-changing impact of Discovery Bible Study (DBS). Through these tools, I have found a new purpose and a new family in Christ.