An Illiterate Woman Pioneers Dangerous Places

Stories of Transformation

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An illiterate single woman, who sold palm oil, answered a call to become a church planter in West Africa. Her pastor did not think that she could make the grade as a church planter. So, he asked her to go home and pray about her decision. She did pray but still showed up for the training.

After completing her training, she asked for an assignment in a community called Mile 91. Mile 91 is known for its radical occult practices. Her pastor was hesitant but released her to the task. Her church gave her a farewell that was much like a funeral.

In Mile 91 she planted a church. Within a year, that first church launched eight more second-generation churches. Over the next two years, the churches continued to multiply and impact those around them.

Now the community is considered safe. So safe, others could take the single woman’s place. Then she moved on to a new pioneer location.

God often uses “unlikely” leaders for growth in His Kingdom. He works mightily through obedience.