The Powerful Name

Stories of Transformation

Have you heard the powerful name of God? The Name that causes all powers to bow down?

My name is KD. I was born and raised in a family in which we embraced traditional belief. Most people in my community have embraced this same belief for years.

My life is not easy, as I suffer from things that I believe come from demonic powers. I was tortured by this demon throwing me to the ground, and it nearly drove me crazy. Some traditional healers/witch doctors tried to help me, yet it didn’t work. My family and I were so frustrated by this situation.

Thank God that one of my neighbors, a believer of Jesus, prayed for me. As he prayed, the demons came out of me in a loud cry. By the name of Jesus, I’m delivered! I feel freedom, and all the oppression that I felt before is gone. I thank God for this freedom in Jesus. I decided to follow Jesus and be His disciple.

As I was discipled and continued to obey Jesus’ commands, I shared my story with my sisters, brothers, and all my relatives. Thanks be to God because from my testimony, they were also delivered and became disciples of Jesus!

As Jesus’ disciple, I want to continue to share what I have been rescued from by the Power of His Name. I want everyone to hear and experience His name. What about you?